Did You Sense The Spirit of Gandhi In Tahrir Square?

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Mahatma Gandhi’s unique way of organisning protests, which originated in Africa has not only won freedom from colonialism for the world’s masses, but also inspired leaders across the world to embrace peaceful protests against oppression and misrule. The influence of his philosophy of non-violence is visible in all political movements since the beginning of the 20th century. The vision of freedom he envisaged, has inspired the world’s masses to rise up aganist any attempts by ‘authorities’ to curtail people’s free will. From Nelson Mandela to Martin Luther King, he has taught the world’s greatest leaders to give change a chance, and demonstrate the infinitesimal strength of non-violence to upturn injustice.

In October, 2012, the world is celebrating the 143-rd birth anniversary of the great statesman. You are required to create a poster that portrays the influence of Gandhi’s philosophy on the protesters at Tahrir Square, the world’s most recent peaceful demonstration that brought down an era of oppression in Egypt.

Eligible Participants :-Individuals of African and Indian nationalities.


Best entries win

1st prize: US$ 500

2nd prize: US$ 325

3rd prize: US$ 165

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