Nectar in Stone

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‘Nectar in Stone’ explores the traces of Indian culture and architecture in the South East Asian countries of Cambodia and Vietnam. The story of the birth of Cambodia traces back to an Indian Brahmin receiving the country as a wedding present when he married the Khmer King’s daughter. Sculptures of Rama, Vishnu and Devi still exist in the region. Many Shivalingams can be still seen in the Mahendra Parvet of Ankola in Cambodia. Walls and galleries displaying the battle of Ramayana, battles between Gods and Demons and the depiction of heaven and hell are part of the spectacular mass of stone called ‘nectar in stone’ that makes the Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument ever constructed. In these forms, we witness the glory of the Khmers, their King Suryaverman the 2nd, and the legend of Lord Vishnu.